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The $5 Rooster Rides Again

Walter, our $5 rooster with crooked toes and no tail, found a new home a week or so ago.

We got Walter last fall as a companion for our remaining hens and he was great with them. The first month or so went well--Walter was pretty quiet for a rooster (ie no 4am wakeup calls) and did a good job ushering his ladies around. And then there was that fateful day when Evie crowed at him. Read more here


This is not the face of an intelligent animal.

I have known since day one that Cletus does not have many brain cells. I have had goats before and Cletus is by far the dumbest. For the most part, this works to my advantage. Read more here.



Polly the Pig Returns Pt. 2

As alluded to in part one, Polly's reintroduction to the rest of the pigs did not go as planned yesterday.

I have had Polly separated since her arrival on Tuesday so we could pick a time and place where introduction would result in the least amount of chaos. Read more here.

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